The Health and Technology District announces partnership with Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science (CELS)

By September 17, 2020 Health Tech, Partnerships

If you’re a Canadian lifescience startup, don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive support from Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science (CELS) trusted network of Silicon Valley mentors, investors and seasoned executives.

An exciting new partnership between Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science (CELS) and Health and Technology District (HTD). The Health and Technology District in Surrey, British Columbia and Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science in San Francisco Bay area, will be working together to share their initiatives, best practices, collaborate in the areas of health and technology innovation, entrepreneurship and mutual promotion and much more.

About Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science (CELS)

CELS is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization formed to locally support Canadian Life Science companies in the pursuit of their business objectives in the San Francisco Bay area. The Mission: to build an effective Canadian Life Science community bridging Canada and the San Francisco Bay area, to nurture connections and knowledge and to advance innovation on the path to commercialization.

CELS strategy is built upon 3 pillars:

  • COMMUNITY​: Building and maintaining a community with common goals and experiences centered around Canadian LS Entrepreneurism.
  • CONNECTIONS​: Providing access to a built-in / pre-organized network in the San Francisco Bay Area, leveraged through networking and CELS programming, with the aim of helping Canadian LS companies and entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business.
  • CAPITAL​: Advance the financing and partnership goals of Canadian LS companies and entrepreneurs through mentorship, support, and active introductions.

About the Health and Technology District (the DISTRICT)

The Health and Technology District is a vibrant ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs working alongside researchers, scientists, thought leaders as well as numerous large and small tech companies, clinicians and health-care providers – each representing a broad range of technologies and research fields. Located directly across from Surrey Memorial Hospital in Surrey, B.C., one of Canada’s busiest hospitals, the DISTRICT when completed encompasses over 1.5 million SF, including an Innovation HUB which provides multiple collaborative spaces where significant advances are developed to rapidly translate innovative technologies and advanced practices into improved health and social outcomes.

In creating collaborative opportunities for health technology projects, the DISTRICT works together with leading educational institutions, healthcare and technology innovation centers, support systems and industry associations as well as global leaders in order to accelerate Canada’s performance in innovation and commercialization. The DISTRICT is a dynamic community where innovators work in partnership to generate disruptive impacts through the translation of research, science and technology into global innovations.

If you have any questions about the partnership or if you’d like to a discuss how to partner with The Health and Technology District or Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science (CELS), please reach out to Rowena Rizzotti, VP of Innovation and Healthcare at the Health and Technology District.

Watch this short video below to experience all the creative and innovative organization’s working at the Health and Technology District.

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