A HUB of Innovation

The Health and Technology District is a vibrant ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs working alongside scientists, clinicians and health-care providers – each representing a range of technologies and research fields. Co-locating in the Innovation HUB, the District provides a collaborative space where significant advances are made to improve health outcomes, patient experiences and the economics of health care delivery around the world. 

Our Companies


BaroMedical is a centre of excellence for hyperbaric oxygen services, offering preventive therapy programs aimed at balancing the body’s increased need for oxygen during physical stress and illnesses.


Connecting problems to solutions, BizShrink optimizes operations, human resources and communication outreach to achieve market victory.

BreathTech Biomedical

BreathTec Biomedical is advancing non-invasive breath analysis technology for the early screening of life-threatening diseases.

CBI Health Group

CBI Health Group improves health and enriches the lives of Canadians by providing a range of community healthcare services.


CircuLife provides a hands-on body treatment that restores circulation and enhances blood flow throughout the body through targeted pressure techniques.

Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile brings together VR, simulation and gamification to deliver medical education as an experience.

Croton Healthcare

The Croton Healthcare family of companies, including York Instruments, The Concussion Network and Croton Canada, is on a mission to improve the health of those served, with a commitment to excellence in all work done.


Curatio is the world’s first social health prescription, providing a mobile platform for disease management utilizing peer networks.

Down Syndrome Research Foundation

DSRF empowers individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential by pioneering educational programs and services, grounded in foundational research.


Gluu is a nonprofit on a mission to help older adults use today’s technology.

HealthTech Connex

HealthTech Connex provides translational neuroscience innovations to care and community sectors world wide, with brain vitality as a premier focus.


Helius, a medical device holding company, is advancing technologies in neurological rehabilitation and treatment options that amplify the brain’s ability to heal itself.


Livecare provides physician and allied health services, clinical leadership, and a best-in-class Telehealth platform.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes Canada provides solutions for independence and a wide range of services to people with physical disabilities throughout the country.

Monarch House

Monarch House offers best-practice-based treatment services for individuals with behaviour, communication, learning and motor skills challenges.


Neuromotion Physiotherapy Clinic is dedicated to maximizing the potential of individuals with neurological conditions.


Ocumetics Technology Corporation has developed the Bionic Lens to restore uncompromised vision at all viewing distances but also to internally connect the human visual pathway with the digital world.


Philips strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation with the goal of improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025.

Premier Diversified Holdings

Premier Diversified Holdings Inc. specializes in funding, turnarounds and the acquisition of distressed assets; additionally also operating the only private PET/CT clinic in Western Canada (Premier Diagnostic Center).

Regent Christian Academy

Under the motto “Mighty in Spirit”, Regent Christian Academy trains students in academics, the arts, physical development, and technology, as well as moral conduct and ethical decision making.

Rostrum Medical Innovations

Rostrum’s mission is to develop and refine new and useful links between medicine and biomedical engineering with innovative products.

Safe Software

Safe Software makes complex data integration a simple task, using their FME software to connect applications, transform data, and automate workflows.


Synergistica works with organizations to re-invigorate and grow revenues through repeatable disciplined sales and business development.

The Children's Foundation

Through its many programs and services, The Children’s Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children, who have suffered trauma or are coping with complex developmental behavioural conditions.

Virtual Connect

Connecting Communities to Health, Education & Innovation.


Wellin5 is a mental health startup, that provides a platform for online counselling via audio/video – allowing you to meet with your counsellor from the comfort of your home or office at a time that suites you.

West Coast Centre for Learning

West Coast Centre for Learning is a multi-disciplinary education facility, providing Brain Fitness Training and Cognitive Development services.

York Instruments

York Instruments specialize in magnetic measurements and their healthcare applications, and has introduced the revolutionary MEGSCAN magnetoencephalogram device for functional brain imaging.

Our Medical Specialty Clinics

Located immediately adjacent to Surrey Memorial Hospital – one of Canada’s busiest hospitals – our ecosystem is fully integrated with leading health care professionals and home to numerous specialty clinics, seeing an estimated 2500 patients a day.

Our Partners

In creating collaborative opportunities for health technology projects, we work together with leading educational institutions, healthcare and technology innovation centers, support systems and industry associations with local, national and global reach.