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The Health and Technology District announces partnership with Thin Air Labs

By June 12, 2020June 22nd, 2020Health Tech, Partnerships

How do we accelerate health solutions in Canada? We collaborate!

Today we are announcing a new and exciting partnership that will drive translational innovation in health care. The Health and Technology District in Surrey, British Columbia and Thin Air Labs in Calgary, Alberta will be working together to share their initiatives, best practices, innovative research and developments, knowledge translation of new technologies, and much more.

Calgary’s Thin Air Labs is an innovation and investment company growing and supporting a diverse ecosystem of ventures that produce meaningful impact for people and the planet.

With a combination of design thinking, community building and capital, Thin Air Labs strategically supports ventures in several sectors including health, education and games.

The Health and Technology District in Surrey, B.C., is a place where innovation happens daily. It’s a vibrant ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs working alongside scientists, clinicians and healthcare providers – each representing a range of technologies and research fields.

Thin Air Labs has recently developed the Calgary BioHub, a space where life sciences companies can connect with other ventures to scale and thrive, and they are gaining inspiration, guidance and best practice advice from their new partners in Surrey. Similarly, Surrey’s Health and Technology District is expanding their neuroplasticity expertise with organizations like HealthTech Connex Inc. and the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic, through partners like Thin Air Labs and their world-class researchers and scientists in Calgary.

This new partnership will strengthen Western Canada’s innovation economies and create opportunities towards a growing pan Canadian innovation network.

“We look forward to expanding our collective impact across Canada and engaging other aligned agencies and institutions locally and globally to strengthen Canada’s performance in the overall innovation ecosystem,” says Crystal Phillips, Health Lead at Thin Air Labs, and Co-Founder/board member of the Branch Out Neurological Foundation.

If you have any questions about the partnership or if you’d like to a discuss how to partner with The Health and Technology District or Thin Air Labs, please reach out to Rowena Rizzotti, VP of Innovation and Healthcare at the Health and Technology District.

Watch this short video below to experience all the creative and innovative organisation’s working at the Health and Technology District.

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