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“Brains Unbroken” TEDx Video – What a privilege to witness Captain Trevor Greene’s truly remarkable and inspiring recovery journey

Photo: Canada’s Captain Trevor Greene (AKA Iron Soldier) and neuroscientist Dr. Ryan D’Arcy speak at TEDxBearCreekPark 2020. Photographer Raymond Shum.

The clinical and research teams at HealthTech Connex’s Centre for Neurology Studies and the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic have been extremely fortunate to witness the inspiring survival and be part of the ongoing recovery story of Canadian war veteran Trevor Greene (AKA Iron Soldier).

With the assistance of Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, Trevor has worked hard to “rethink what’s possible” in pushing the limits of neuroplasticity and overcome his devastating brain injury incurred during a peace keeping mission in Afghanistan.

There was not a dry eye in the house during TEDxBearCreekPark earlier this year. The stories were incredible and in particular, Trevor Greene’s incredible journey will inspire us all to challenge boundaries and unleash our brains’ potential for positive impact and to rethink what’s possible.

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