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Northwest Eye Doctors

Featuring Dr. Satinder Bains (right), Owner and Optometrist at Northwest Eye Doctors, along with Chanchila (left) and Komalpreet (middle).

Northwest Eye Doctors was created in 2016, founded by Dr. Satinder Bains and Dr. Harpinder Gill with a desire to provide eye care services to this growing community.

They are Doctors of Optometry who provide comprehensive eye exams and medical eye care to patients of all ages with no referral necessary. They have an optical shop on site with hundreds of frames to choose from along with contact lens sales to meet all your eye care needs.

Open from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Situated in Unit 105 – City Centre 1 of the Health and Technology District.

What are your products and/or services?

  • Eye Examinations – comprehensive vision exams with visual field testing and retinal imaging
  • Medical Eye Exams – urgent care (infections, allergies, trauma etc. along with treatment for dry eyes, computer vision syndrome, diabetic eye exam, myopia control and more)
  • Optical – over 600 frames to choose from along with contact lens fitting and sales

Who are your customers? What type of customers do you serve?

We see patients of all ages, including infants and older adults. We encourage everyone to get an eye exam, whether or not you wear glasses. A comprehensive eye exam is important as it will establish a baseline of where you are at this point in time. Vision inevitably changes due to disease and/or age, and it is therefore important to track any changes in vision by completing regular eye exams.

What brought you to the District?

We were excited to be one of the first clinics to be part of the Health and Technology District, as we saw the potential of this growing community.

How long have you been in the Health and Technology District?

We have been in unit 105 of City Centre 1 since 2016.

Please describe an exciting project your company has worked on or is working on.

We have recently started to focus on myopia control, which is an effort to slow down the progression of near-sightedness in children using specific eye glasses, contact lenses and/or pharmaceutical eye drops. Parents and young patients are motivated to see how cutting-edge research will help maintain their optimal eyesight.

We are always looking to partner with other companies to provide special discounts on eyewear and contact lens purchases. We feel eyewear should be affordable and of high quality for everyone.

Has being located at the District made an impact on your business? How so?

The District has many healthcare services, from family doctors to urgent care to eye surgeons. We are always open to collaborating and being part of the team to ensure our patients and patrons of the Health and Technology District have an option to fulfill their eye care needs. We refer and receive referrals from various ophthalmology clinics and physicians in the building.  We hear back from our patients who love the convenience of having their entire medical team in one building.

What type of businesses or organizations do you want to see in the District?

We would like to see businesses that provide services to help increase the quality of life of all the patrons of the Health and Technology District.

Phone: 778-394-6933

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